Every time someone steps through one of our doors, we are faced with a moment of truth. Will we focus on their need and well-being? Will we greet them warmly and sincerely? Will we remember that these people who step through our doors are the very ones that Tom & Ed’s Auto Body was created to help? At Tom & Ed’s Auto Body, we are devoted to making the right choices during these moments of truth. Our future depends upon it and our past was built upon making the right choices.

This devotion to service extends from the initial moment of truth with a customer through the repair process and beyond. At Tom & Ed’s Auto Body, we strive to be progressive and have anticipated many of the needs of customers and the insurance companies with whom we work. This forward thinking has led us to develop solutions to address those needs.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service available in the auto body industry. This mission will be accomplished by treating every individual that passes through our door with courtesy, honesty and quality in everything we do. When customers leave our shop, they will not only be satisfied with our performance, but will also be willing to tell their friends and family about our commitment to excellence!