Collision Repair in Merrillville, Indiana

Tom & Ed's Auto body in Merrillville, Indiana provides the highest quality repair. However, we realize that the quality of a collision repair can be difficult for our customers to appraise. To distinguish ourselves in the mind of our customer, how we produce that outstanding repair must also be outstanding.
At Tom & Ed's Auto body in Merrillville, Indiana, we have developed a number of services to make the repair process more pleasant for customers and insurance companies alike. And you can be certain that these services will be delivered with professionalism and courtesy.

Glass Replacement Service in Merrillville, Indiana

Tom & Ed’s Autobody in Merrillville, Indiana has also arranged for glass replacement services for vehicles repaired at its facilities. These services, provided by specialists in glass replacement, ensure that there will be no delays or problems related to the glass replacement. Since the windshield is considered a structural component in many vehicles, proper replacement is essential to a sound repair.

Paintless Dent Removal in Merrillville, Indiana

In some instances, it is possible to repair dents without repainting the repaired section. This paintless dent removal process can be a more cost effective solution to these repairs. Tom & Ed’s Auto body in Merrillville, Indiana can discuss with customers the circumstances that may be appropriate for a paintless dent repair and can arrange for this service to be provided.