Is the Insurance Photo Apps an Investment Ploy?

Is the Insurance Photo Apps an Investment Ploy?

When you get in an accident, your insurance company might send you an app that guides you through taking a series of photos. Ask yourself... is this accurate? Why would insurance companies go this route? As we know the photo estimates are not going to be 100 percent accurate, and the intention might be a little different. You might think that the insurance company might low-ball your estimate upwards to 70% to save money paying out the claim... you might be correct...but it goes much further. State legislation typically requires an insurance carrier…continue reading →

Should I go where My Insurance Tells Me?

I get this question all the time and I have a simple answer "go where you feel comfortable"... Federal Law states you have the right to take your vehicle wherever you want. You can take it to Uncle Joe that works out of his garage, the place your insurance company "recommends" that has a discounted agreement, a Body Shop like ours, or even just take the money and not have your vehicle repaired. Issue you might have going to a shop the Insurance Company recommends. Insurance companies have contracts with shops at a…continue reading →

Why Buy from a Family Business??

As we move into our 35th year in business, we reflect on the importance of keeping our family business within our family. There is a difference in the ways customers and employees are treated in a family business that makes things a little more personal. Noticing the changes in the industry, I have seen the industry get away from the culture of "Every Person Matters". At Tom and Eds Autobody I never want to change the way we feel towards our customers. Every job we approach it wanting to develope a relationship, as…continue reading →