I get this question all the time and I have a simple answer “go where you feel comfortable”…

Federal Law states you have the right to take your vehicle wherever you want. You can take it to Uncle Joe that works out of his garage, the place your insurance company “recommends” that has a discounted agreement, a Body Shop like ours, or even just take the money and not have your vehicle repaired.

Issue you might have going to a shop the Insurance Company recommends.
Insurance companies have contracts with shops at a heavy discounted rate to save the Insurance company money. This does not mean they are quality facilities, but measured on how little they charge the Insurance company. This results in low skilled labor, missed safety procedures, and not following the procedures of your car manufacture.

How do you know what shop to go to? Ask a professional like the dealership you purchased your vehicle. A dealership cares about quality and wants you as a consumer to purchase your next vehicle from them. Therefore they want any collision experience to be the best.

(cough cough) Did I mention we are the preferred Collision Repair Facility for 9 major dealerships in Northwest Indiana?

Online reviews also help to research… My reputation is so important and I take every review personally. Take a look at some reviews. Our Crown Point location alone has 469 reviews. Tom and Ed’s Autobody Online Reviews