How the company started

Gwendolyn Owens (owner/manager of Traveling Angels Transportation) drove a school bus and served in public transportation for a total of twenty years. She was diagnosed with cancer and made the decision to come off her job in order to complete three years of chemotherapy. After chemotherapy and all the treatments, she decided to turn her pain into power. Through divine intervention, God gave her the vision for a transportation business. She has a passion for driving and is committed to owning her own business. Her motto is “Relax and leave the driving to us.”

Mission Statement

Traveling Angels Transportation’s mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe transportation services.


The company’s vision for the next one to two years is to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign to become a highly regarded transportation company in the Fort Wayne and surrounding counties, by monitoring, evaluating, and following up on customers. This will help Traveling Angels Transportation become a top-rated transportation service by always planning, preplanning and by being sensitive to what our customers are saying.